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Gluten-Free Palm Springs Restaurants: Uncovering Hidden Gems

Palm Springs, California: the home of mid-century modern design, date shakes, and… gluten-free restaurants? You bet! The golf capital of the world has a ton to offer in terms of gluten-free eateries, so here’s a guide to uncovering some hidden gems.

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Gluten-free Palm Springs Restaurants

I visited Palm Springs, California for the second time. My goal was to discover some gems for gluten-free enthusiasts like myself within the diverse restaurant scene of Palm Springs. From indulging in hearty breakfasts and savoring delicious lunches and dinners to enjoying classic treats, let me share a few places that truly embody the essence of the region’s culinary legacy.

1. Gabino’s Creperie

Location: 170 E Palm Canyon Dr #4, Palm Springs, CA

chicken and avocado crepe in a cup from the gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant gabino's creperie

Gabino’s Creperie in Palm Springs, CA claims the top spot on my list of gluten-free Palm Springs restaurants for a reason! Also, this highly-rated eatery is loved by locals, offers gluten and dairy-free crepes, and is renowned for its appearance on the popular show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

As I took my first bite into the large crepe served in a cup with a GF sticker, I understood what the fuss was all about. Despite its no-frills ambiance, Gabino’s food is truly outstanding! They were certainly able to balance my dietary needs with taste and texture. And… the staff were knowledgeable and easily addressed my inquiries and concerns.

All things considered, let yourself indulge in a gluten-free and dairy-free crepe at Gabino’s Creperie in Palm Springs and relish the flavors and textures – you won’t be disappointed!

2. El Jefe Desert Cantina

Mexican restaurant

Location: 1800 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

gluten-free nachos at el jefe desert cantina restaurant in saguaro hotel Palm Springs

If you’re in Palm Springs and craving satisfying Mexican food, El Jefe Desert Cantina is the place to go! It is a vibrant Mexican restaurant found in the colorful Saguaro Hotel where those of us with gluten-free dairy-free dietary restrictions can find a tasty meal.

I was so impressed, I went there twice during my trip! On the initial visit, I ordered breakfast Chilaquiles without the queso fresco and crema (to ensure it was dairy-free). A few nights later, I returned with my husband for dinner and had their nachos.

gluten-free breakfast chilaquiles at el jefe restaurant in Saguaro hotel Palm Springs

Their menu offers a range of carefully crafted gluten-free options. They are prepared with top-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.

At El Jefe Desert Cantina, gluten-free dairy-free diners (like myself) can delight in the flavors of Mexico without compromising dietary needs. This discovery brought me a tremendous sense of relief.

For that reason, it’s worth immersing yourself in the vibrant ambiance of this gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant. Let yourself embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through the authentic flavors of Mexico in the heart of Palm Springs.

3. Elmer’s Restaurant

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Restaurant

Location: 1030 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

wheat-free omelet with ham and hashbrowns from elmer's breakfast lunch and dinner restaurant Palm Springs

Elmer’s Restaurant in Palm Springs is a family-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant that offers a delightful array of gluten-free options and easily caters to individuals with dietary restrictions. Their delicious gluten-free dishes include hearty breakfast classics to satisfying lunch and dinner options.

As we entered Elmer’s Restaurant, the warm inviting atmosphere and the sweet smell of homemade food surrounded us. During my first visit, I enjoyed a burger in a lettuce bun with a side of french fries for dinner.

Returning a few days later with my husband, I indulged in a gluten-free dairy-free breakfast omelet with hashbrowns.

celiac-friendly burger and fries on lettuce wrap from elmers restaurant Palm Springs

Their menu features high-quality ingredients, thoughtfully prepared to maintain the integrity of flavors while adhering to gluten-free standards.

The staff were knowledgeable and took extra precautions to prevent cross-contamination.

Whether you’re craving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I recommend Elmer’s Restaurant as a gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant for its delectable gluten-free alternatives that are homemade and able to meet the diverse preferences of its guests.

4. Lulu California Bistro

Location: 200 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

gluten-free burger from Palm Springs restaurant lulu's California bistro

Lulu’s California Bistro takes great pride in offering a diverse and flavorful range of celiac-friendly options for those with dietary restrictions. Their gluten-free menu features an extensive selection of dishes inspired by the vibrant culinary scene of California.

At Lulu’s, gluten-free guests like myself can indulge in a variety of thoughtfully crafted appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, burgers, entrees, pizzas, and desserts to ensure a satisfying dining experience. From fresh seafood to grilled meats and vibrant vegetarian and vegan options, their menu offers something to please every palate.

The GFDF burger I had at Lulu’s was excellent and prepared with utmost care and attention to detail. The kitchen staff took all necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination.

Whether you’re enjoying a flavorful gluten-free burger like I did or pasta, a juicy steak, or a refreshing salad, Lulu’s California Bistro in downtown Palm Springs is a gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant that strives to deliver exceptional taste and quality in every bite.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Lulu’s for a great gluten-free dining option. Get there early as it gets very busy!

Here’s a great gluten-free burger recipe to make at home!

5. Goody’s Cafe

Location: 5001 Ramon Rd Building 2, Palm Springs, CA

gluten free hash browns and omelet at goodies cafe palm springs

During our Palm Springs trip, we stumbled upon Goody’s Cafe—a delightful surprise with a range of tasty GF food options.

From breakfast classics such as omelets and hashbrowns to hearty lunch choices, Goody’s Cafe boasts a diverse menu featuring gluten-free and dairy-free dishes that maintain top-notch flavor and quality.

Committed to guest satisfaction, Goody’s Cafe extends attentive service and a welcoming ambiance to all. Whether you’re personally gluten-free or dining alongside others like I was, the accommodating staff readily addresses queries and dietary needs.

As a result of its dedication to providing a delicious and inclusive dining experience, Goody’s Cafe is a great gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant and the perfect choice for gluten-free individuals seeking flavorful options in Palm Springs.

6. Hadley Fruit Orchards

Location: 47993 Morongo Trail, Cabazon, CA

gluten free date shake hadley orchards palm springs restaurant

Always worth the trip to Hadley Fruit Orchards in Palm Springs as they offer a delightful gluten-free treat that is a must-try for visitors: their famous gluten-free date shakes! The date shakes are a true indulgence, blending the sweetness of dates with creamy goodness to create a refreshing and satisfying beverage.

I had a gluten-free dairy-free date shake which was seriously delicious! It was crafted using locally sourced dates, ensuring it had a rich and authentic flavor. With a creamy texture and a hint of natural sweetness, the date shake provided a delightful taste experience.

Because Hadley Fruit Orchards is a gluten-free Palm Springs restaurant that takes pride in offering this gluten-free dairy-free option that can be enjoyed by all, everyone can savor the unique flavors of Palm Springs.

Whether you’re looking to cool off on a hot day or simply want to experience a local specialty, the gluten-free classic treat that captures the essence of the region’s culinary heritage can be made with plant-based milk for those who are dairy-free like me!

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