Printable Pizza Contest Instructions with Gluten-Free Ideas!

Infuse your summer with fun and activities with our free Printable Pizza Contest Instructions with Gluten-Free Ideas! Host a pizza party full of gf alternatives for those with food allergies. Great for kids of all ages.

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Printable pizza contest instructions with gluten-free pizza recipe ideas.

Free Printable Pizza-Making Contest Instructions

Whether it’s an inclusive pizza party on Friday nights, a birthday party, or a wonderful weekend game, hosting a contest to see who can make the most creative and delicious pizza can be a lot of fun! Use this quick and easy gluten-free English muffin pizza recipe or fresh dough and your favorite toppings. 

Step-by-step printable guide for hosting a pizza contest featuring gluten-free options.

I love pizza night! We each make our own pizza which gives us the flexibility we need. My choice is suitable for someone with Celiac disease on a gluten-free diet. My husband usually picks a frozen pizza, regular pizza, or gourmet pizza. I love a thin crust and he prefers a chewy crust.

Printable preparation checklist for organizing a pizza contest, including gluten-free pizza dough recipe options.

Setting up a pizza-making contest is easy using the printable pizza contest instructions. It’s a creative way to promote inclusivity and introduce kids to alternative dietary choices. Plus, it makes creating a grocery list easier!

Printable flyer for a pizza contest with a section on gluten-free pizza toppings.

We have a great time making homemade pizza! My kids use traditional pizza crusts, mozzarella cheese, and their favorite toppings.  I use gluten-free pizza recipes like this gluten-free English muffin pizza recipe. We enjoy our pizza parties with separate crusts, dry ingredients, and toppings so everyone can have their favorites! 

Sometimes I even make gluten-free pizza crusts for my pizza with simple ingredients like gf flour, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, xanthan gum, and white rice flour.

Detailed printable instructions for a pizza-making contest with gluten-free alternatives.

Benefits of Using the Pizza Printable

  • Organize everything in advance so you can relax!
  • Make grocery shopping easier by having a list of pizza ingredients starting with gluten-free English muffins, gf dough (pre-made or homemade), or even plain gluten-free crust.
  • Caters to dietary needs. The printable allows you to plan for a vegan option as well.
  • Print at home and save money.
  • Print several copies and distribute them to those responsible for organizing, setting up, and preparing the gluten-free pizza crust. 
  • Laminate it so it can be reused. 
Printable template for a pizza contest with gluten-free pizza ideas and materials needed for organizers.

How to Use the Pizza Contest Instructions

Start by downloading the pizza contest instructions for free. Print them then, use them as a list for grocery shopping to select gluten-free toppings such as pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, pineapple, fresh basil, etc.

For a completely gluten-free pizza party, it’s important to ensure all the ingredients are gluten-free. But you’ll also need other materials like a pizza stone, oven, baking sheet, parchment paper, pizza cutter, plates, utensils, and pens for voting!

Illustrated printable preparation guide for a fun pizza contest with gluten-free pizza options.

There is a list of preparation tips to help with organizing. From setting up workstations to preheating the oven to guidance on gluten-free pizza crust choices!

Especially on those hot summer days, keep it simple by using gluten-free English muffins or premade crusts as the base. It means that you don’t need a stand mixer, a rolling pin, or a pizza peel and you won’t have to let the dough rise or make sure you have warm water to activate the yeast. It’s also easier to clean up!

Colorful printable pizza contest rules and gluten-free pizza suggestions.

Contest Rules

The download also includes printable contest rules which cover time limits, allowed ingredients like tomato sauce and cheddar cheese, and suggestions for cooking times.

Detailed printable steps to follow for a pizza-making contest with gluten-free alternatives.

The steps for making pizza that can be handed out to participants can be found in the printable list. They include preparing the pizza crust, adding the sauce, cheese (vegan cheese), and toppings, then baking and presenting the golden brown pizzas. This printable is a great asset to first time contestants as well. Scroll to the bottom to grab the free PDF file. This template is for personal use only.

Step-by-step printable judging guide for hosting a pizza contest featuring gluten-free options.

It also provides guidance on judging in three categories. Presentation of each pizza. Creativity in using ingredients. And the taste! As well as some voting tips.

A scoresheet is provided for printing that allows judges to score each pizza on presentation, creativity, and taste. Print as many copies as needed.

Printable pizza contest scorecard highlighting gluten-free pizza categories.

Downloadable PDF

Enjoy the festivities with our pizza-making contest instructions with gluten-free ideas. Download and print this engaging activity and enjoy some great pizza! I like printing it using a good printer so I get a clear easy-to-read font.

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Creative printable invitation for a pizza contest, emphasizing gluten-free pizza ideas.

This gluten-free pizza-making contest is a great way to promote inclusivity for those with dietary restrictions. And, the activity teaches cooking and culinary skills, sportsmanship, and time management as the participants have to prepare, cook, and present all their hard work.

It also gives children an understanding of nutrition as they learn about the nutritional aspects of gluten-free cooking and different ways to achieve a crispy crust. Plus, it’s the best way I know of to get kids to make their own food!

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